Style vs. Functionality – Selecting the Proper Size Gable Bracket

So, you’ve decided you want to add some gable decoration to your home or project. If you’re like many others, you probably hit the world wide web looking for ideas. It’s worth taking the time to find examples of what you like and visualizing them on the finished project. With the internet at your fingertips, you have the whole world to explore for ideas.

Choosing what appeals to you aesthetically is easy. Transferring the look to your project and making it work is another story. Style vs. functionality is always a challenge. Ask any architect, interior decorator or designer. Style tends to be more of an emotional factor. It’s a reflection of your personal taste and character. It’s what you know. That’s the easy part. Selecting the proper size or sizes, on the other hand, involves many factors. To select a suitable size for your gable decorations, you need to consider the height and distance that they will be viewed from. As the viewing height and distance increase, so does the size of the bracket you should consider.

LaSalle Royale Gable Bracket by Durabrac Architectural Components. Lower gable - 44" bracket, 6/12 roof pitch; Middle gable - 51" bracket; Upper gable - 60" bracket; Roof pitches - 8/12

When you look at your home or project from street level, keeping the overall visual appearance of the gable decorations even and balanced should be your primary goal (outside of choosing a style suitable to your taste). A home with multiple gables that are located at different heights and viewing distances will require several different gable brackets in various sizes as the height and distance increase. For example, a second story gable will require a larger bracket than the first story gable. The different size brackets, when viewed from the street, should have close to the same visual weight and appear to be close to the same size even though the difference in size may be as much as two feet from smallest to largest.

Fleur de la Rua Gable Bracket by Durabrac Architectural Components. Front gable - 42" bracket; Rear gable - 51" bracket; Roof pitch 6/12.

As a rule of thumb, install large gable brackets (57” to 78” wide) on two story and larger homes. Medium size brackets (45” to 60” wide) are a good selection for one story homes that are constructed off grade and narrow two story homes. Small gable brackets (34” to 46”) are designed for Dormer gables, porch gables, garages and small cottages.

A couple of other factors to consider when choosing the size of your gable bracket are the background color of the structure the bracket is going on and the color of the bracket itself. If you plan to paint your gable bracket or you are installing a white gable bracket on a light-colored home, you may want to consider a larger size. If the bracket and background color are similar in brightness you may want a larger bracket to help increase the visual size.

Now that you know what you like and how to choose the appropriate size, you are ready to finalize the look of your home or project by adding the perfect gable bracket. Gable brackets add a personal touch and distinctive style to your project and are that little something that causes the passerby to take a second look. Now all that’s left to tackle is how to handle all the compliments! Enjoy!


About Durabrac Architectural Components

Durabrac products are made in the USA of the finest virgin vinyl available. All designs are unique and original. Because our manufacturing process does not require the use of expensive molds, we are able to offer a large selection of products in various sizes. Durabrac is a subsidiary of Classic Design and Manufacturing (CD&M), parent company of Durabrac Architectural Components, Classic Sign & Mirror and Classic Mailboxes. Based in Pensacola, FL
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