Even though we have hundreds of items in our standard inventory stock, we are often asked could you recreate this original bracket from my older home or could you mimic this style or could you possibly do something Gothic or could you….? The answer is simply YES! (Well, 99% of the time. We’ll leave 1% open, just in case.)

Basically, if it can be done in wood, it can be done in vinyl–but with better results. It will look cleaner, sleeker and will definitely last longer. Really? Really! It’s true. Take it from the vinyl expert. If you have the years of experience of working with vinyl like we do, then you know it is possible to “carve out” all those fine details in vinyl and match all the fine curves and embellishments that are often found in ornate wood brackets.

We started working with vinyl in our custom sign business years ago, winning award after award and blowing people away with what we could do… with vinyl! We would hear over and over again, “That’s vinyl?!” Yes, that’s vinyl. Eventually, things evolved into designing and manufacturing brackets.

But, honestly, we could talk about this all day. We’ll just let the pictures finish this conversation for us. Call us, comment below, Facebook us. We’d love to hear from you.

Neighborhood entrance sign done in all vinyl-- including the   large magnolia flower and leaves. Cut, carved, molded and painted vinyl.
Pub sign in vinyl. Very detailed with many layers. Sails, ship, water, lettering, background, etc. are all vinyl. Only part that is not vinyl are ship masts which are copper tubing.
Very intricate detailing in this 100% vinyl New Orleans style large bracket.
Large post and beam commercial bracket - 100% vinyl.
Gothic-inspired custom gable brackets. 100% PVC/vinyl painted to match home exterior.
Palm tree shaped porch bracket called Palmera. One of the many unique, vinyl porch brackets in the Durabrac Coastal Cottage collection.

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