A Gothic Renovation

Our blog today isn’t necessarily a lesson on vinyl or even a how-to. We just wanted to share with you the process of turning one family’s dream of preserving history into a reality. Now, before anyone gets upset about how the rules for the preservation of historical buildings weren’t followed because a similar material wasn’t used as the original, this is not a home that is registered with any historical society or preservation society. It’s just a really old home that was purchased out of love and being preserved to its original look, or as close to it as possible, instead of being torn down or re-faced. Kudos to the owners and their dream to keep this Victorian beauty alive and well in Anchorage… Kentucky, that is.

The original Victorian Home

The original Victorian Home

A later version of the Victorian with gable adornments removed.

A later version of the Victorian with original wood Bargeboard missing

The renovation in progress--Front of house.

The renovation in progress– front of house.

The renovation in progress.

13 gables in total spanning from 9 to 21 feet, renewed and preparing for the new 100% vinyl/PVC Bargeboard that will last a lifetime.

Vinyl has been chosen as the new material for the Bargeboards* being replaced in the gables because of its long-lasting, durable and maintenance-free properties.


Even the fine detailing and curves of the bargeboard are possible with vinyl.

Even the fine detailing and curves of the bargeboard are possible with vinyl.

The Gothic-inspired replicas in 100% vinyl/PVC.

*What exactly is bargeboard? Bargeboards — also called vergeboards — hang from the projecting end of a roof typically to conceal roof timbers. Bargeboards are often elaborately carved and ornamented. Homes in the Carpenter Gothic style have highly ornamented bargeboards.

About Durabrac Architectural Components

Durabrac products are made in the USA of the finest virgin vinyl available. All designs are unique and original. Because our manufacturing process does not require the use of expensive molds, we are able to offer a large selection of products in various sizes. Durabrac is a subsidiary of Classic Design and Manufacturing (CD&M), parent company of Durabrac Architectural Components, Classic Sign & Mirror and Classic Mailboxes. Based in Pensacola, FL
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