The weather has finally started to change, for most of us, and it’s becoming Outside Season. The days are longer, the sun is shining, the grass is greener and the temperatures are inviting you to get out of the house. It’s time for backyard barbeques and cul-de-sac parties. And that means it’s time to clean up what winter did to the outside, even if you live in warm climates where winter weather (rain or snow) isn’t so harsh. Spring is just a good time to take care of some annual sprucing up—Spring cleaning for the outside.

Here are some quick and easy tips to liven up the house and yard:

  • Give it a good bath – pressure wash exterior brackets, knee braces, corbels, porch balusters, driveways, garage doors, walkways, sidewalks, etc. to remove the winter mildew and pollen. A simple spray down can make all the difference. And no chemicals needed! (However, for stubborn mold and mildew, a light bleach solution or mild soapy water works great!
  • Freshen up with paint and style – Adding a fresh coat of paint to the front door,
    shutters and mailbox brightens up the tired look from winter. To really freshen things up, update the numbers on the house with a new style or size.
  • Clean out the bugs and leaves – Light fixtures and gutters are collection points. Clean out gutters from excess leaves so rain can flow freely. Outside lights and chandeliers collect bugs, spiders and dirt over time. A good washing with mild soap and water brightens and renews.
  • Revive dead beds – Plant a variety of colorful annuals in pots and beds for that look of new life and fresh pops of color. Various sized pots filled with perennials or annuals are easy to keep up and provide depth and variety to your walkways, porches and beds. Don’t forget to include bright reds for the hummingbirds migrating through!
  • A few more tips – Add fresh mulch after weeding the beds; put down weed ‘n feed on the lawn, and check your sprinkler system for broken heads or lines.

Here’s to warmer weather, lazy days, hammock naps and green, green grass. Happy Spring!

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