Gingerbread Houses – Hansel & Gretel or Gothic Revival?

We recently ran across an article on Houzz by contributing editor  about Gingerbread detailing that featured some Durabrac homes. It got us thinking about “Gingerbread” and what it actually means to people.

The origin of “Gingerbread” goes back many centuries. Originally, wood was used to carve the Victorian or Gothic-style elaborate designs such as scrolls and spindles. Eventually, it was the bargeboards or vergeboards that decorated rooflines, porches, windows, and doorways, that became known as “Gingerbread”. And the term stuck.
Screen Shot 2016-07-15 at 12.06.21 PM


“Gingerbread” is one of those terms that can be interpreted differently by many, whether used historically accurate or not. In general, it refers to the ornamental exterior embellishments often found on front porches, gables, roof lines, windows, etc. As author Marjorie Gage points out in her article, “Gingerbread Trim,” for This Old House online, the inspiration for Gingerbread designs can come from many places such as the Victorian era or Gothic Revival or even have Barvarian influence. But, one thing they all have in common is the decorative, ornate designs intended to accentuate the home.

For Mike Sheehan, owner of Durabrac Architectural Components and head designer/developer, many of his gingerbread designs were influenced by the architecture of New Orleans, LA and Savannah, GA, cities that are beaming with gingerbread trim throughout their many older neighborhoods.

While Gingerbread may not be for everyone, many will agree that the intricate detailing and scroll work is still fun to look at, whether on old houses keeping their history intact or newer homes reviving the Gingerbread era.

Enjoy the pictures and article! And let us know what your favorite styles and architectural influences are by posting in the comments below.

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About Durabrac Architectural Components

Durabrac products are made in the USA of the finest virgin vinyl available. All designs are unique and original. Because our manufacturing process does not require the use of expensive molds, we are able to offer a large selection of products in various sizes. Durabrac is a subsidiary of Classic Design and Manufacturing (CD&M), parent company of Durabrac Architectural Components, Classic Sign & Mirror and Classic Mailboxes. Based in Pensacola, FL
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