Architects Are People Too

In our business, our primary customers are Architects and Builders. Architects are the ones spec’ing our product into the plans or creating a design that calls for brackets, rafter tails, corbels, etc. Typically, it’s the Builder or General Contractor who contacts us for pricing and actually places the order. That’s who we talk to primarily. The Architects are just faceless names on a scan or large piece of paper that comes our way. So, we thought we’d take the time to get to know some of these guys who like to spec our product in their drawings. We like when they do that!


A Dalrymple Sallis Design on Pensacola Beach with Durabrac custom balusters and the Durabrac LaRua Porch Brackets

Say hello to Dean Dalrymple and Scott Sallis of Dalrymple Sallis Architecture in Pensacola, Florida. They agreed to play 20 questions with us.

1) Where did you go to school?
SCOTT: University of Arkansas
DEAN: I was approved to take the Architectural Registration Exam based on experience.

2) Did you always want to be an architect?
DEAN: Initially I wanted to be a Naval Architect because of my love of boats.

3) If you weren’t, what would you be doing?
SCOTT: An out of work MTV VJ
DEAN: Probably be a commercial fisherman.

4) Favorite city?
SCOTT: Pensacola
DEAN: A toss up between Ocean Springs, MS or New Orleans, LA

5) Favorite city for architecture?
DEAN: New Orleans, LA

6) Favorite architectural style?
SCOTT: NeoClassical
DEAN: Old World Spanish and Coastal Venacular

7) Major influencers?
SCOTT: Architecture: Fay Jones, Palladio, Aldo Rossi; Personal: Jesus
DEAN: Regionally, Anyone I have ever worked with. Globally, Will Bruner, Fay Jones

8) Have you always been creative?
DEAN: Somewhat, I was taught to be innovative to solve problems.

9) Anything creative stand out that you did as a kid?
SCOTT: Drawing, Legos
DEAN: One year I received an Etch-a-Sketch for Christmas and the first thing I drew was a floor plan.

10) Prefer to travel for adventure or food?
SCOTT:  Just like to travel
DEAN: Both

11) Classic rock or smooth jazz?
SCOTT: Smooth Jazz
DEAN: Jazz
(There’s always something cool playing on the sound system in their office!)

12) Favorite material to design into a project?
SCOTT: Corten steel
DEAN: Stone

13) Is there a dream design hidden in a drawer somewhere?
DEAN: Maybe

14) Wingtips, Sperry’s, or Nikes?
SCOTT: Sperry’s
DEAN: Nike’s

15) Beach or mountains?
DEAN: Beach

16) What’s more fun to design… interior or exterior?
SCOTT: Exterior
DEAN: Exterior

17) Sports or Theatre?
DEAN: Theatre

18) Art History or Music Appreciation?
SCOTT: Music Appreciation
DEAN: Music

and the ever classics….

19) If you could only take 3 things with you to a deserted island, what would they be?
SCOTT: Bible, Knife, bathing suit
DEAN: Sun Tan lotion, my wife, and a winemaker

20) If you could have dinner or drinks with anyone living or dead, who would it be?
SCOTT: Prince
DEAN: Ghandi

And there you have it. A little insight into the minds and characters of Dean Dalrymple and Scott Sallis. Maybe one of these days we’ll see those secret designs come to life. Hopefully, they’ll have brackets somewhere in there. Thanks for playing along!


About Durabrac Architectural Components

Durabrac products are made in the USA of the finest virgin vinyl available. All designs are unique and original. Because our manufacturing process does not require the use of expensive molds, we are able to offer a large selection of products in various sizes. Durabrac is a subsidiary of Classic Design and Manufacturing (CD&M), parent company of Durabrac Architectural Components, Classic Sign & Mirror and Classic Mailboxes. Based in Pensacola, FL
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