The answer is YES! That’s the beauty of vinyl/PVC. Because it is a plastic, of sorts, it is water proof, snow proof, sun proof—weather proof. Durabrac brackets can be found on structures from Canada to Texas to the Caribbean; from the snowy, wet cold to the hot, dry heat to the high, high humidity. And the brackets maintain their original shape and look. They may get dirty over time, but the bracket hasn’t changed.

Below are some pictures of Durabrac brackets in various climate locations. Give us a call. We’re sure our bracket can handle your weather. Well, unless you’re Dorothy and you have a bracket on your house that ended up in Oz.

Click here to view our entire inventory. Or call 850-433-4981 to discuss your custom drawings.

Durabrac Market01 copy
Picture on Left: Durabrac 0518 Post & Beam brackets installed on Pensacola Beach building – early 2004. Picture on Right: Same brackets. Same building – July 2018. They have survived two major hurricanes.
Meyer02 copy 2
Durabrac Palmera porch bracket installed on a beach home.
McLaughlin copy
Durabrac Cortez porch bracket.
Cottage Pic
Durabrac Sol Nuevo Extended in Grand Cayman

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