Low-pitched roof lines, overhanging eaves, exposed rafter tails and natural stone and wood. Craftsman style details bring warmth and character to both new construction and renovations alike.

The American Craftsman Architectural Style, a quintessential American home-building style that began at the end of the 19th century, traces its roots to the Arts and Crafts Movement of England. When brought to the United States the style became known as the “Craftsman” style, and now more than a century later, the clean lines, balanced proportions and fine workmanship, all hallmarks of the movement, continue to be seen across the country.

Craftsman homes have a unique appeal, and one thing is certain: this style isn’t going anywhere. Want to know if your home is indeed a Craftsman? Here are some typical attributes:

  • Low-pitched roof lines with deep overhanging eaves and exposed rafters or decorative brackets
  • Large front porches with railings, battered columns and pillars lining the entryway
  • Double-hanging windows and partially paned doors
  • Mixed materials throughout the structure including hand-crafted stone or woodwork
  • Earthy neutral paint colors that reflect the environment
A craftsman style home in Akron, Ohio with Durabrac custom corbels and braces.

Because there are so many distinctive Craftsman style details, just about any home can embrace the spirit of the American Craftsman Architectural Style and add some curb appeal. Here are just a few things to consider when you’re ready to add Craftsman detail to your home:

Add Interest to the Facade

This is where Durabrac Architectural Components shine! Decorative brackets and exposed rafter tails lend architectural interest and radiate craftsman style detail. And while adding rafters isn’t always practical, updating with decorative brackets under the eaves can be a simple weekend project that provides real functional value by sheltering and protecting the home.

Durabrac custom brackets create a cozy environment that is superior to wood in durability.

Pump up the Porch

The porch is another great place to add Craftsman charm. Easy updates include adding maintenance-free running trim, or placing a few potted plants and a rocking chair by the front door. For larger impact, consider adding tapered columns or a railing system with custom PVC sawn balusters.

Add Craftsman Style Color

A harmonious palette taken from nature.

Paint colors on Craftsman homes typically utilize simple yet sophisticated palettes of saturated earth tones. To get the look, consider the three main areas—walls, trim and accents—and take cues from nature to chose your scheme.

Whether you are renovating an older home or bringing a bit of nature-inspired design to your new home, the Craftsman style is welcoming, timeless and here to stay.


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