The use of architectural components such as soffit brackets, corbels or gable brackets has become quite popular on today’s new construction and remodels. You’ll find these added extras not only on private residences but apartment complexes and commercial buildings as well. They look great and add that little something extra to the overall design. 

You may find, to your surprise that what appears to be decorative wood brackets are actually brackets, corbels and rafter tails made of 100% Cellular PVC.  Why PVC and not wood? There are multiple reasons why PVC is the better choice. One of the main ones is its durability for exterior applications. PVC is weather proof and can handle just about any climate whether hot and humid or cold and snowy or all of the above. The PVC brackets remain looking fresh and new year after year, unlike their wood counterparts that begin to age over time, looking faded and weathered. 

PVC Corbels on the Gasparilla Inn in Boca Grande, FL
PVC Corbels on the Gasparilla Inn in Boca Grande, FL

Weight and cost are a large factor as well. For a large structure requiring extra large brackets, wood would be extremely heavy and costly. Wood brackets are solid structures requiring expensive fasteners that can bear the weight of the component and resist corrosion. PVC brackets are typically made with a hollow core which keeps their overall weight easy to handle and easy to install. 

Durabrac 0548 PVC Bracket showing hollow core.

Unless you are repairing or remodeling a historical building that requires you replace the original component with wood, PVC is the better, low-maintenance, practical choice for your exterior components. Below is a breakdown of why PVC is becoming the number one choice for exterior applications, even to the most traditional designer and/or builder.

PVC Brackets – the Better Exterior Choice

  • 100% weather resistant – great for any climate (cold, hot or coastal)
  • Durable and hardy – has the look and feel of wood but better longevity and lighter weight
  • Low Maintenance – can be left in its natural white state without paint and won’t yellow (just pressure wash or clean occasionally)
  • Minimal expansion and contraction from weather
  • Dry rot free – does not break down over time with age and weather
  • Class A fire rating vs Class B of wood
  • Resistant to Burrowing bees, birds and insects
  • Scratch and Puncture resistant – surface density is 55lb/ft3
  • Paintable – can easily be painted with a latex paint, if desired
  • Won’t crack or peel – does not retain moisture so paint won’t peel, crack, flake or blister
  • Woodlike – can easily be notched or trimmed with wood-working tools, routers, etc.
  • Easy installation – easy to install in the field due to the lighter weight and uniform construction.

Builders, contractors, and architects know that by using PVC components, they are passing on to their client huge savings in overall maintenance costs and repairs because, unlike wood, vinyl brackets will last for years and years without requiring any major attention outside of an occasional cleaning. In the end, PVC brackets are more cost-effective, require lower maintenance and maintain their aesthetic appeal year after year. 

For more information on PVC exterior brackets, corbels, rafter tails and more, check out

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