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Can PVC Brackets Handle Your Climate?

The answer is YES! That’s the beauty of vinyl/PVC. Because it is a plastic, of sorts, it is water proof, snow proof, sun proof— weather proof. Durabrac brackets can be found on structures from Canada to Texas to the Caribbean; … Continue reading

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Ask the Expert: Can a PVC Bracket be Structural?

We recently talked with Durabrac owner, Mike Sheehan, about the properties and abilities of cellular PVC when it came to load bearing issues. Mike has worked with PVC/vinyl for over 25 years, first molding it into various creations for his … Continue reading

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Ask More Questions. Go Ahead.

“Asking questions is fundamental to successful communication, and gathering information as a product of asking questions is a basic human activity.” Here’s a great blog post we stumbled across recently. Certainly merited reposting. It’s excellent advice for young people looking … Continue reading

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Spruce Up the Exterior—Spring is Here!

The weather has finally started to change, for most of us, and it’s becoming Outside Season. The days are longer, the sun is shining, the grass is greener and the temperatures are inviting you to get out of the house. … Continue reading

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Nails vs Screws – Fastening Vinyl Brackets

One common question we get from our customers is what is the best way to attach their vinyl brackets. What do we recommend? Screws or nails? While that may be a simple question, the answer is a little more detailed. There are … Continue reading

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How to Turn Vinyl Into Wood

PROBLEM: You like the classic look and warmth of wood brackets, but you don’t want the upkeep and maintenance that comes with keeping them fresh and new looking. Not to mention, depending on the size, wood can be very heavy … Continue reading

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How Do You Do Vinyl?

We always love when customers send us pictures of our products in use. We especially love it when those pictures show our products being used in a not-so-ordinary way. Durabrac brackets, spandrel and balusters are not just for exterior beautification. … Continue reading

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A Gothic Renovation

Our blog today isn’t necessarily a lesson on vinyl or even a how-to. We just wanted to share with you the process of turning one family’s dream of preserving history into a reality. Now, before anyone gets upset about how … Continue reading

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A Conversation with Versatex Trimboard

We were recently asked to answer a few questions by Versatex Trimboard as to why we chose to use their material over others for our entire Durabrac product line, given the integrity and high standards we hold for each product … Continue reading

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Vinyl vs Polyurethane Foam: Does it Really Matter?

There was a time, long ago, when craftsmen would spend their entire working days creating beautiful designs with amazing architectural details all by hand. Each piece would be an original work of art. With today’s technology, we can still have … Continue reading

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