Top 5 Most Asked Questions

We've been exhibiting at the NAHB International Home Builders Show for several years now. Our booth is crowded with Architects, Builders and General Contractors checking out our products. It's funny, so often we hear "Where were you guys 3 months ago? I just had a project I could've used you on." Or, "I'm so glad I found … Continue reading Top 5 Most Asked Questions

Gauging Construction Since the Recession

I recently ran across this blog post written by John Caulfield from the Build Design + Construction blog. Pretty interesting and food for thought. What do you think? Look to history warily when gauging where the construction industry may be headed. As spending for residential and nonresidential construction has climbed, everyone’s trying to determine what … Continue reading Gauging Construction Since the Recession

Architects Are People Too

In our business, our primary customers are Architects and Builders. Architects are the ones spec'ing our product into the plans or creating a design that calls for brackets, rafter tails, corbels, etc. Typically, it's the Builder or General Contractor who contacts us for pricing and actually places the order. That's who we talk to primarily. The … Continue reading Architects Are People Too

Gingerbread Houses – Hansel & Gretel or Gothic Revival?

We recently ran across an article on Houzz by contributing editor Samantha Schoech about Gingerbread detailing that featured some Durabrac homes. It got us thinking about "Gingerbread" and what it actually means to people. The origin of "Gingerbread" goes back many centuries. Originally, wood was used to carve the Victorian or Gothic-style elaborate designs such as scrolls and spindles. Eventually, it was the bargeboards or vergeboards that … Continue reading Gingerbread Houses – Hansel & Gretel or Gothic Revival?

Ask More Questions. Go Ahead.

"Asking questions is fundamental to successful communication, and gathering information as a product of asking questions is a basic human activity." Here's a great blog post we stumbled across recently. Certainly merited reposting. It's excellent advice for young people looking for work in the real world, seeking "real jobs," and, really, for all of us. … Continue reading Ask More Questions. Go Ahead.