Why PVC is the Better Choice for Your Exterior Brackets

The use of architectural components such as soffit brackets, corbels or gable brackets has become quite popular on today's new construction and remodels. You'll find these added extras not only on private residences but apartment complexes and commercial buildings as well. They look great and add that little something extra to the overall design.  You … Continue reading Why PVC is the Better Choice for Your Exterior Brackets

Bracket Thickness: Perception vs Reality

Choosing the Right Bracket Thickness Part I: Perception vs Reality One question we hear a lot is, “What’s the best size bracket to order?”  While that is purely subjective and based on personal preferences and style, we can provide some guidelines to help in the decision-making process.  First, we suggest considering height and projection. From … Continue reading Bracket Thickness: Perception vs Reality

Taking Your Entertaining Outdoors

After a long, hot, rainy summer your backyard living space may not be ready to host guests just yet. Don’t worry! Fall weather brings temperatures that are more comfortable for taking care of updates, so you can feel confident moving the entertaining outdoors. Your backyard is the perfect backdrop for your home’s structure—and with the … Continue reading Taking Your Entertaining Outdoors